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By the end of this program you will have:

"Travis and Joy were instrumental in getting systems and communications set up for scaling my programs and products.


While scaling is essential to have the impact we practitioners want while maintaining the quality of life we deserve, it requires strategy. Until you have a clear message to market match and systems for measuring metrics that really matter, advertising is essentially gambling.


These two can help you lay the foundation for strategic scaling in ways that keep your unique mechanisms and personal style in the forefront while creating efficient systems that a small, efficient team can run for you. Their emphasis is to keep you in your genius zone so that you can focus on what matters to you most.


You're in good hands with these caring professionals."

Amy Myers, MD

Autoimmune & Thyroid Expert


"I had no idea about the depth of what they provide. Their analysis of customers, their use of language at various points in the customer journey, their needs at each awareness level and the different ways people need supported as they move toward a sale - it all became clear as a result of Joy's communication style and process. We are set up for the year and into our future thanks to the avatar and empathy map process. Thank you x 10!"

Chris Kresser

Kresser Institute: Functional Medicine for Reversing Chronic Disease

I really wish I would have taken this program a year ago or more so that I didn't have to redo everything that I'm redoing now, but its awesome! It's totally worth redoing because I know the results it's going to give me. You provided so much support and interaction, all the practical information – which was not only useful, but we can replicate it on our own and see those results. I just want to say thank you again for what you provide. It's awesome.


To my fellow practitioners, if you are thinking about taking Joy's program, don't question it. I encourage you to run, don't walk, to sign up.”

Dr. Mark Sklar

OB/Gyn & Fertility Expert

Joy and Travis transformed how we communicate to clients. We learned more about how they think, perceive, and act, and this provided insight on how to support them better as a result. They are best in class at designing marketing funnels to help improve a customer’s journey. Their team also has an infectious joyful attitude, which makes it a lot of fun to work with them as well. They'll make you work hard, but the rewards are well worth the effort.”

Katie Ferren

Sr. Director Medical Affairs

Metagenics Institute

Jodi Cohen

Vibrant Blue Oils: Healing With Organic

Essential Oils

Dr. Nicole Cain

Resolves Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

"This process is BRILLIANT! I really love the way that Joy puts her head and heart into making sure we speak to the feelings and needs of our avatars.


Instead of struggling with selling, what you end up with is marketing that is the perfect combination of heart and numbers.


You can't ask for better."

Debora Wayne

Owner, Pain Free Living Instittute


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Travis & Joy Houston

Co-Founders of Heal At Scale 


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